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Why we rent instead of buying while traveling?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Why we rent instead of buying while traveling?

On a vacation to Goa, do you rent a car there or buy one? Exactly, this question answers the question at hand in the simplest and easiest way! If you are an occasional camper why would you invest a significant amount in buying all the camping gear?

There are many obvious items like tents and sleeping bags while some less obvious equipment that do not make it on the list of infrequent travelers. We help ensure that you are packed right for your trip by taking the conjecture out of packing for a camping trip, ensuring that your upcoming trip is one that you are able to rejoice from the onset to the retreat.

Here are some benefits of why one should rent rather buy camping gear!

Save money-

It’s a shrewd decision for one to rent the gear instead of buying as for a major part of the year the gear will lie around collecting dust and spider-webs in the store room. Renting is a more affordable solution to the situation at hand, plus the money that you save can be put to add on the extra comfort utilities that make your trip more relaxing. When you can get the equipment for a couple hundred why would you shell out thousands when you know that it’s going to be a task to keep it in shape till your next camping trip. Honestly, all of us wish that we could be on an endless adventure trip camping from the foliage of Rishikesh to the jungles of Dubare or Madumalai.


There is always aplenty to work out and contemplate when vacationing somewhere, having one less thing to worry about is what all of us will enjoy. This also saves a ton of time since it requires no equipment packing beforehand and no camping gear clean out (no need to spend days airing your gear out before you put it away for a long time) afterward. 


It is simply convenient to rent out the gear than going through the hassle of owning and taking care of all the ear that you will require during your next camping trip. Take this away from the list of things that you have to take care of on the camping trip and also when you are back from your adventures. We go on these adventures to take a break from our hectic lives, why would anyone want to add more worries and work for themselves by buying one when they can just rent out everything for a fraction of the cost.


Renting equipment like tents gives you the flexibility to put together a group of varying numbers. As not always would you go out with your family that would require a family tent and similarly there will be times when you would need a tent for just two to share an intimate space. Most people who buy camping equipment go for either one of the two, limiting them in many ways unlike the case of renting where you can rent equipment based on the number of people on the trip.

Not everyone can devote time to camping and so probably do not have the best reason to buy camping gear. People who live in small habitations like a townhouses or apartments usually do not have access to a lot of storage, so storing the gear is going to be hard (if not hardly possible) for them. Additionally, renting is the best option for first time campers, as they can try before they buy prior to getting their own set.

Simply best for beginners.

Renting gives you the freedom to try something new or something better than what you might have and go for something new and different every time

If this sounds like the right approach then you have landed on the right page to book camping gear for your upcoming trip.


rent, tent, repeat should be the mantra for occasional campers as this is a more sustainable and effortless way to enjoy adventures. One that allows you to enjoy your travels hassle free and with no aftermath of cleaning and maintaining the equipment and no stress of depreciating gear for camping, trekking etc.

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