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About Us

We are all told - “live your life to the fullest”.

The literal translation of our name comes to “life on trails/footpath”, pagdandi in Hindi are trails created or left behind as people make their way to a destination. PagdandiLife is all about the mountain life which is unpaved and full of obstacles waiting to triumph.

It was created with a single thought in mind, to help fellow travelers get the experience of the full-on adventure of being a traveler outside their comfort zone indulging in activities such as camping, trekking, hiking, and much more, taking in what pristine nature has to offer. 

You make the plans and we provide the necessary gear for an unmatched thrilling experience at an unmatched price that makes budgeting a thing of the past and where you come out of your comfort zone and we ensure that you have everything that you need to feel right at home.

Our focus is to be able to provide holistic convenience gear for travelers indulging in various outdoor activities like camping, trekking, hiking, and much more. The mountains are harsh and to be respected not something you meddle with we encourage eco-friendly travels as well as pocket-friendly rental equipment that you can also buy from us.

Our Story

What do you do when your worst fear comes face to face? You face it, there is no other way to go about it. Something similar led to the genesis of pagdandilife, the worst fear of a traveler is being chained down, and this is what happened to most of us during the lockdown caused due to the notorious COVID virus.


      Our founders who are travelers by heart when belted with the heavy task of staying at home for the safety of their own as well as the safety of people around could feel the lockdown taking its toll on them. Keen on exploring when at the first notice of life going back to normal with the coronavirus, they were planning for a camping trip realized that their native location was unable to provide them with the required gear to carry out the trip.


Thirsty for adventure, they decided to buy the necessary gear the likes of a camping tent, a multi-functional tool that could aid them during their travel, the required cording, and various other travel gear. To their dismay, they quickly found out that all this gear amounted to a heft cost which they were not ready to pay and given the fact that a rental was not available nearby they were left with no other option. This is where the inception of a travel gear rental was conceived leading to the creation of this website that caters to fellow travelers keeping in mind the budget constrains that most travel enthusiasts face.  

Why should you travel as a traveler? 

Being a traveler and not a tourist, allows one to go out of their comfort zone and explore nature while immersing themselves in nature to become one with it. Travelers focus on the less-traveled path; tourists go to the overcrowded and hyped locations while travelers go to the unexplored and pristine destinations waiting to make contact with explorers. It allows an individual to live life on the edge, unlike a tourist who visits a destination he/she is comfortable with and repeats.
Traveling breaks the monotony while freeing you to break your behavioral pattern adding a new dimension to your life where you level up at the end of your trip and experience what you have only read in books or watched in movies. Let’s go on an adventure where you explore and we provide you with the necessary gear and you come back with tales and stories that last generations. Spend a night camping in the foliage in the shadows of the sky and the light of the moon and share with us your fondest memories on our Instagram page at 

A pro tip.
Travel with an empty cup believing that you do not know anything and are ready to fill the cup with new experiences and knowledge in the process of exploring and scaling new adventures.


For the Travellers, By the Travellers

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